Elliot’s First Birthday

9th February 2013

Elliott, the littlest Keating, was a whole year old on Saturday finally passing the stage from baby into Toddler, though who can say when that exact point is anyway.

As usual we had a family and friends party at Chez Keating in Lancaster with a large number of people turning up and squeezing in to the house.

The only down side to the whole day is that the birthday boy himself was so full of a cold that he was fairly grotty the whole day and therefore a little miserable. Everyone was very supportive of the wee mite and he got plenty of cuddles and chance to spread his infectious germs by coughing over all.


Thanks to everyone who made it to the party and to all the lovely gifts, cards and wishes. The money will go into Elliott’s account and will likely pay for either his first bike or a long way towards his first computing device, clothes and shoes (which add up to far more than a computer).