Time to retyre*

We told the kids that we were going on an adventure this morning and how right we were…

It was 8:25 a.m. And we were in heavy (ish) traffic on the M6 southbound just past junction 23, doing between seventy and eighty overtaking traffic, when I heard a noise from the front of the car and felt the steering jerk a little and want to slew.

I knocked the stereo off but I already guessed we had a flat as the noise of the road was loud. Braking and moving onto the hard shoulder I brought the car to a stop.

We had a flat front tyre on the drivers side. Thankfully we have roadside assist so a quick call to the AA. We were told to leave the vehicle and get onto the verge where it was safer. I mentioned we had toddlers and they said it would be high priority.

Within 20 minutes the AA arrived and changed the wheel for the spare/emergency wheel. Then we got from the motorway an the AA man found us a garage and guided us there, a thoroughly professional service.

Bad news was both front tyres needed replacing as the near side was low on tread (the rear tyres will need doing soon). The tacking will have to be done soon as well 🙁

Good news was that we were all safe, the AA were superb and we got back on to our journey in less than two hours from breakdown to fully repaired.

Some pictures follow:


* and the groans can be heard from this distance.








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