Who’s The Boss

Thursday 28th February – Friday 1st March

The last two days have seen an interesting change in the Keating household. Just a small change however. Leigh had to be at work and Grandma was away so daddy got to take some time away from the office to spend with his boys.

There was some small issues that required us to miss an afternoon of fun on both days with Ben needing to accompany daddy on a task he had to do in Southport and Elliott spending a half day at nursery. However, the mornings were daddy-son time.

Daddy had the pleasure of taking his sons (on separate days) to the Music Spot in Lancaster for a trial music lesson in which he got to sing and play instruments with them. Ben on Thursday and Elliott on Friday. With both of them he also got to share brunch and a spot of shopping/daddy swinging and bouncing them.

It was a real treat for all the Keating kids and the two young boys made sure that daddy was suitably entertained.

But Who’s the Boss?

On Friday morning Daddy had to pop into the office (where he had parked the car) so that he could let the Shadowcat Denizens know his plans for the afternoon. While there he also got to discover just who exactly the boss was.

IMG_7396 IMG_7397 IMG_7399