Gang Aglae

15 May 2013

Sometimes you just have to kick yourself hard as there is no desk to slam your face into.

A series of minor incidents create a larger issue. Each one a tiny accident whose sum affect is a larger issue.

We were only two hours early for our flight.
There were huge queues.
The electronic machines do not check under twos.
The person on the desk was harrassed so had to rush.
Some idiot had used his mothers maiden name on a ticket as he doesn’t think about the person she divorced three decades ago.

So we got through check in, through security and all the way to the gate before anyone noticed the ticket didn’t match the passport.

So now we are on a plane to Paris and Markie’s mum is in Manchester trying to get a later flight.

I believe the phrase rhymes with clucking bell.

My face – big desk – SLAM.

Two hours later…

We are in France and mum is waiting in Manchester for her lunchtime flight.

One Hour More…

Markie is writing this while driving back to the airport in France to meet his mum.

Total delay: 4 hours
Cost: 300 pounds and one face

You have to smile.  It could be worse, as it is it adds to the adventure.

In times of stress some people panic. Some fight. Some flee. While others just renegotiate the terms so arrangements are made and plans adjusted accordingly.


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