L-L-Let’s Go, L-L-LEGO

And the new SeaLife Centre

Saturday, 22 June 2013

This weekend we, Mark and Leigh, decided that they would ween Ben from his dummy to see if it was possible.

To do this we simply started talking to him about the fact that he was going to be 3 years old ina week and that officially made him a big boy and they don’t need dummies. He seemed to agree with that but it is a harsh thing giving up your first comfort.

The first night went well and he didn’t wake up in the night to cry for his dummy, so we decided that a reward for his behaviour would be good. It also meant that we could all visit the new SeaLife at Manchester.

So away to the Trafford Centre we went.

First on the cards was a trek into LEGO Discovery Centre where on the ‘Save the Princess’ ride and ‘Merlin’s’ Ride twice. The Merlin ride required you to peddle fast to make it go up and down. Since Ben cannot reach the peddles this involved Daddy doing all of the work.

Ben also enjoyed racing the car he had made on the various tracks as well.

Once we had done with that we went into the SeaLife centre. This is the newest centre in the country and it is all very clean. Unlike other centres there is a pre-show about the turtles which is decently made and quite fun to watch, I wonder if that will be true the second time around.

The tanks inside are well laid out with good use of shapes so that you can view the fish well. The shark tank is smaller than some other locations but still a wonderful walk and with this being so new the glass is very clear.

As expected the kids had a late lunch as they were too excited to eat much beofre, so we got a quick Mexican in the Trafford centre which was passable, if uninspiring, fare.

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