La La Legoland

Wednesday and Thursday, 3rd-4th July 2013

This week we went to LegoLand, Windsor, as part of Ben’s Birthday Celebrations. I risk the ire of my friends who live in the south as I write this who would have loved to see us but the schedule was way to fierce for me to contemplate any other social activities.

Some of this agenda was set in stone and other parts were caused by the inevitable traffic which I knew would cause us pain.

  • Wednesday 05.00 Leave Lancaster
  • Wednesday 10:20 Arrive at LegoLand
  • Wednesday 18:30 Leave LegoLand
  • Wednesday 19:20 Arrive at Hotel
  • Thursday 05:00 Kids Wake Up
  • Thursday 10:00 Arrive at LegoLand
  • Thursday 18:00 Leave LegoLand
  • Thursday 23:10 Arrive at Home

So, no real time for friends and we only decided to go to Legoland the week before so no real chance to arrange anything different.

Onto the Diary.

The drive down was easy enough with the most stressful part being the M40 which wasn’t that busy just a tad annoying (see Markie’s rants on his blog). We had left early so the kids were tired, Elliott had a good sleep but we were only forty minutes from the park when Ben went to sleep. Mummy and Daddy told him he would wake up somewhere exciting, and when we parked he awoke and declared in an excited voice, “oh, a Car Park!” so at least mummy and daddy were right.

Getting into the park was easy thanks to the passes we had and we instantly went into the Lego Star Wars exhibit which was excellent. There are a lot of grand models in that. From there it was into the park itself. There are a variety of rides in the park but some particular highlights for us were:

  • The Pull ascend – Daddy and Ben went on this.
  • The Lego MiniWorld – just a superb display, some bits are old and in need of rejuvination, but that would be a hellish task.
  • The Water Raft Ride – A small raft that you sit in and go down a giant water slide. Ben loved this and got daddy to go on it repeatedly with him drenching daddy quite significantly.
  • The Stroybook Boat Ride – another of Ben’s favourites and one Elliottt seemed to like
  • The Duplo Park – next to the Splash park in the new Duplo valley and loved by both Ben and Elliott
  • Atlantis – a great ride for all the family with Sealife Aquarium
  • Laser Target – great fun for Mummy and Ben
  • Loki’s Labyrinth – Ben loves mazes, he led daddy around it four times in quick sucession
  • Sky Cars – Ben went on with daddy first and then mummy
  • Helicopters – Ben and Daddy with Ben piloting
  • 4D Cinema – legends of Chima was excellent for all the family
  • Water Boat Driving – Pass your boating licence

The first day ended with us leaving the park and going to a nearby Premier Express near Heathrow for an overnight stay. It was a good deal with a family room, two three course evening meals, two drinks and breakfast for four for one hundred and thirty pounds.

The hotel was easy to find and the traffic not too bad as we left quite late. The kids were a tad excited and Ben didn’t go to sleep until gone eight thirty and Elliott was screaming and bouncing on the bed until after nine-thirty so a very tired mummy and daddy had to eat a cold tea.

Thursday the kids awoke at five in the morning. the tiredness from the previous day was obvious and everyone was a touch grumpy and quick to irritation. The issue was now that the kids were over-excited. We ate a mixed breakfast and headed to the park after nine to arrive at ten. the traffic was understandably heavy.

We took a wander around the park to look at all the attractions and then went on to Ben’s favourties like the water slide (daddy was once again drenched as we went on twice) and then the storybook ride.

Once again the Duplo area was good for the kids to play in and Elliott got extra time in here while Ben and daddy were getting soaked.

Ben and daddy went onto the helicopters and there around the labyrinth a number of times. In the afternoon we went inside as the kids needed some cool air and allowed Ben to play at making a racing car.

After a few more rides we went in the 4D cinema for a sit down. Ben wouldn’t wear the glasses and Elliott wanted to eat his so they missed the ace 3D elements. However the fire effects, smoke, water and foam that fell from the ceiling was loved by both of them and it was a great experience.

On the way out of the park we stopped at the Star Wars exhibit once again and then went on to the shop and bought the boys a Lego Toy each to finish the experience.

Once again everyone was excited but getting into heavy traffic on a Friday evening resulted in sleeping children. We stopped at the Oxford services on the M40 (it took ninety minutes to get there) and had some food. We also put the children into pyjamas and blankets. Then a drive of 220 miles for daddy with children who didn’t go to sleep for one hundred and fifty of them as they were now excited again. The time from Oxford to Lancaster was three and a half hours as the roads were mostly clear and daddy kept a regular speed for most of the way.

It was a heck of a drive (550+ miles) and two long days of theme park madness. It had stressful moments as two small children can get easily over-excited so emotions run ragged especially when they give mummy and daddy no rest. However the small downs are blown away by the massive up of a two day break that kept the kids excited, entertained and where the many moments of joy were very special for all.

Onto some pictures (please check Mark’s You Tube Channel for videos):

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