Lazing on a sunny afternoon…NOT!

Saturday, 6th April 2013

After the mid-week expense and long drive to Windsor today we took a more relaxed view of what we wanted to do. It was already starting to be a great weekend as the weather was sunny and the kids wanted to go to the beach. To save daddy a drive in traffic we decided to walk to Morecambe.

It was a lovely stroll down the cycle path for mummy and daddy, Elliott slept most of the way and Ben was content enough to count cyclists, daddies and ladies as they passed by. We went to the supermarket and got a picnic for lunch.

We spent only a short time on the beach. Daddy is happy to walk along the beach but aside from that he is not a beach person as the sand irritates him (mummy says it is his OCD) and he constantly worries about getting it of hisself.

We all know this so we ate some lunch, had a short play and then a lovely stroll along Morecambe promenade with daddy carrying Ben on his shoulders and them dueting nursery rhymes.

Happy Mount Park was heaving with people with the splash park filled, so we went into the select play area and the kids played on the cars and slides. Ben managed to get all the way to the top of a climbing wall on his own but couldn’t do the final bit.

A long walk back for mummy and daddy with a round trip of twelve miles walking and the end of a sunny day, not a lazy day.


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