Ullswater Steamers

Saturday, 20th July 2013

Today we once again bounced (such a lovely term whereas it means that Daddy drove us into the lake district in the beloved workhorse, Korra) to the north lakes and the Eden valley.

Our destination was weather dependent and would either be the always charming Rhegged Centre or Ullswater for a day by the lake. Once we had cleared Shap the weather cleared a little so Ullswater was chosen and we drove to Pooley Bridge to catch the steamers.

The Ullswater Steamers no longer run from steam having been converted to diesel in the middle of the twentieth century. They are, however, still beautiful wooden gondolas that have a bar and multiple levels. The staff are great to talk to, my advice is to join them at Pooley Bridge, not Glenridding, as if you have a wait the WiFi at Pooley Bridge is free.

From Mark’s TripAdvisor

Water Way to Travel

…always start with a terrible pun.

The Ullswater Steamers are a group of boats that operate on the 8 mile lake in the North East of the Lake district at the top of the Eden valley near Penrith and Keswick.

Ullswater itself is the second longest lake in the Lakes and sits in some of the most dramatic scenery. There is Hellvelyn (England’s second tallest mountain – a hill really), the saddle and the Mile which is an original Roman Road that traverses a hill.

The Steamers have operated on the lakes for over a hundred years, but are no longer coal powered being converted to diesel decades ago. The trip around the lake will take you approximately 2 hours, with the option of starting at either Pooley Bridge or Glenridding.

In regards to waiting for a boat, Pooley Bridge has smaller facilities but they do at least provide free WiFi, which can make the time pass easier.

The cost isn’t cheap, though there are family ticket options, but the service is efficient, pleasant and it is a magical ride on a sunny day.

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