Thursday 1st August 2013

This is the first real day of our weeklong break with Great Nan in Wales. Today Daddy Keating wanted to try and get into the Dr Who Experience once again. So with little fanfare everyone was bundled into the car and we went to Cardiff.

The parking was easy enough and we followed the Dalek signs around the harbour to the experience. Ben seemed far keener to go in this time so we went inside.

Ben was worried by the new experience and the darkness. He cried out to go home or to stop a few times. It is a combination of new experience,loud noises and people. If he has any one of them he is surprised and excited, but two or more and he doesn’t like it as much.

However once he settled he started to really enjoy it, and for the first time he kept on the 3D glasses so saw the 3D film at which point he declared ‘Wow’ as a Weeping Angel reached out of the screen towards him.

We had a quick lunch (sandwiches and another plain salad with coleslaw) on board the Light Ship in the harbour and walked back to the car.



From Mark’s TripAdvisor:

DR Who

You don’t need to be a big fan of old or new Who to enjoy a day at Cardiff Bay and in particular the Who experience…but it really helps.

The experience is split into two parts, the first is an interactive walkthrough with special effects, video, lighting and scenery designed to really make fans of the new Who very happy indeed. Some of us older fans, who occasionally act curmudgeonly and skittish around the new Who, will be just as happy as well.

I don’t want to give too much away as you know that it will spoil it for those that may read this, but sets, scenery, interactivity and special effects should have already whetted your appetite.

I think some might complain at the price, I personally thought it was reasonable considering the time and effort put in and the fact that many of the museum items are rare and expensive to maintain.

Great for the kids, very small ones will need a reassuring parent. Ben, all of three and sensitive to new experiences, hid a little, wanted to go home, said Wow at some of the 3D effects and then promptly wanted to do it again when we came out.

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Beautiful Bay – Cardiff

I love Cardiff bay and if you get to visit there when the sun is out and the skies clear then it becomes a place of wonder.

Delights are the Millennium Centre and the National Assembly – using modern architecture fused with natural materials against the industrial heritage all shines through.

Go. Visit. Enjoy.

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