Gwili Railway

Saturday 3rd August 2013

Today we hopped into the car and headed towards Pembrokeshire and the town of Caenarfon so that Daddy Keating could drag us all onto a steam train, not that much dragging was needed.

The journey flew by as the weather was beautiful and the scenery stunning. This side of Wales is wonderful with long valleys and rolling hills.

We got to the little station and bought our tickets, we even paid the one pound per person surcharge and upgraded to first class and the luxury of a private carriage and armchair like seating.

The journey along the short river valley is wonderful and the guard was informative and cheerful.

There is a stop off point about halway along the track where you can buy an ice cream and where the kids can ride a smaller diesel train that runs a few hundred yards.

We went on the train, as the engine was called Ben we had to, and sat at the back. The guard gave Ben the flag so that he could be the guards helper and wave it for the train to move which Ben adored.



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After going on the ride you can also look at the signal box to see how this operates and watch the train guard operating it.

From Mark’s Trip Advisor

Set in the heart of South Wales near to Caernarfon is the small steam railway of Gwili.

This, entirely volunteer maintained and run, line runs along a short river valley in a hour long journey.

The people who work on this line are clearly real enthusiasts and they really throw themselves into providing a great experience for the whole family. The small shop and mini train ride at the turn around point are also worthwhile.

It may seem a little pricey but it is wise to think that the ticket value reflects the hard work to keep trains, line, station and signals in working order and help fund the new extension to Caernarfon which will open in 2014.

More Pictures

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