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  • Leigh at the Wedding

    8 July 2013 Leigh looking beautiful with her cropped hair and dress at the wedding. This specific post was created using WordPress for Android on a mobile phone. This explains but not excuses any incorrect or unusual typography, brevity or formatting.

  • Mum is in Hospital

    Sickness Over the last couple of weeks Leigh has had a really bad cold, it totally knocked her from her feet and she had no energy or appetite. She took the week away from work, which is rare for her, and tried to rest as much as possible. A Reprieve? This week her cold had…

  • Paris or Bust

    The first video of the family and friends trip to Paris last year posted to Mark’s YouTube channel: You can go to the You Tube Channel to visit new ones or videos of other things.

  • Header Images

    The header images used on this site are all from a selection taken with a mobile phone. They are meant to illustrate elements from our day to day life and I like the grainy look and feel and random nature of the choices. My markkeating.me.uk site has far nicer header images in terms of quality…