Mum is in Hospital


Over the last couple of weeks Leigh has had a really bad cold, it totally knocked her from her feet and she had no energy or appetite.

She took the week away from work, which is rare for her, and tried to rest as much as possible.

A Reprieve?

This week her cold had abated a little, well those elements linked to her head feeling achey, so she went to work on Monday.

This was not wise…

Going Under

All of Monday she struggled with a cough and a feeling of tiredness ad breathlessness but carried on Trooper that she is.

Tuesday came and she felt worse so we made the choice to stay away from work and go to the doctors.

Visit One

Tests at the doctors said that she was absorbing less oxygen and ha fluid in her lungs. Prognosis was likely bronchitis so immediate course of antibiotics and an inhaler to open those bronchial tubes.

By Wednesday she was worse, the doctor had told her to return if she felt no better.

Visit Two

During Wednesday Leigh’s colour became worse an he started to struggle to breathe well even sitting up. I made her return to the doctors, it wasn’t a hard task as she was getting worried about herself.

Doctor was not impressed as her absorption was worse and she was clearly struggling.

To the Big White House

The decision was made to go to the hospital, they tested her, did a blood test for oxygen, took samples for bacteriological analysis, did an X-ray and a CT scan and admitted her.

Prognosis: pneumonia.

**** (foul words ensue)