Good Day Fire Kitty

Today Ben started his first conversation with us in the car on the way home from nursery without us asking about his day, he initiated it about Spanish.

This is all because Ben has started Spanish Lessons at nursery…okay scroll back and start again.

Last year the nursery brought a Spanish teacher in to teach the children a little Spanish and how to sing in a foreign language. Ben really enjoys singing and dancing so he participated well.

The nursery asked for permission to teach him Spanish in a lesson for a small additional charge to cover the teacher. The teacher would have to asses each child to ensure the cost was appropriate to the child’s participation, but as said Ben seemed to enjoy it.

So we were in the car, driving down the hill from Nursery and Ben says, ‘I do Spanish.’

Leigh says, ‘Oh, did you have Spanish today, did you learn anything?’

Ben replies, after a pause, ‘Buenos Dias.’

Leigh says, ‘What does that mean?’ after a pause of her own a little taken about not just that he started the conversation about his day but that he also recalled the Spanish well.

Ben continued with more Spanish though, ‘fuego’ was the next word.

I chimed in with ‘is that fire?’ to which there was a laugh and a garbled something that might have been a ‘yes’.

Then finally, ‘gato’ (please check spelling), which is cat.

So the Spanish teacher taught him ‘Good Day Fire Kitty’, which is absolutely awesome.

Now we have to tell them how much is stuck with him :). Still ace first conversation about Nursery that Ben started with us.