Claire’s Party

Saturday, 15th June 2013

This weekend was Claire’s thirtieth birthday and she had a SteamPunk dress party at her house in Morecambe.

The house is in Ian’s name, and he pays the mortgage, but Ben has declared it is her house, well he says ‘It is Claire’s House”.

Elliott had a jacket on which Leigh had made a Steampunk Plinky Plonk for out of felt and a pilots hat. The only person not resplendant in Steampunk attire was Markie as he is useless.

The kids ate far too much junk food and were starting to cause a ruckus so they were taken for a walk along the beach to lose some steam and to give everyone else a break from the noise.

We wanted to look at the Sandcastle Festival which seemed quite bare – though this could have been the time we arrived at. Ben did get to see an inflatable ‘ginger bread styled’ house which had smarties and candy canes painted on the roof that he was fascinated by for days afterwards.

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