Whitehaven Wandering

Wednesday, 24th July 2013

In the afternoon, after we had dropped Jane at Cockermouth, we went with Jess and James into Cockermouth for a short lunch before a travel to the Cumbria coastline.

In Cockermouth we found a small music shop where we purchased a cheap Yukelele for Benjamin as he keeps on wanting to play Leigh and Markie’s.

After lunch we went West to the coastline and the lovely market town of Whitehaven. Whitehaven has suffered really badly from the recession with a lot of the town centre shops closed. This is a real shame as the regeneration efforts of the last fifteen years have really helped the look of this town which was tortured by a lack of investment for the thirty years prior to that.

However it is still a beautiful place to visit, and with the nearby magnificent beaches at St Bees and not too distant Eskdale and Ravenglass there is no excuse not to bounce this far over when heading to the lakes.

Jess and James enjoyed thoroughly the wander about Western Lakeland and they were very accommodating to a family with two small boys by finding a park and enjoying in the activities.

The blue skies, sun and wonderful scenery did a lot to help cheer the whole afternoon.


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