We Went Camping

24th-26th August 2013

Recently we bought a tent as the boys are about old enough to enjoy camping and it can be a very costly affair staying in hotel rooms all the time with the added issues of locations and availability.

So we bought a tent and headed to Scarborough for the Bank Holiday weekend. The camping location was a place called Crows Rest between Scarborough and Filey.

The weather was mostly pleasant on the drive across, a few spots of rain but nothing serious. When we got to the campsite it was a weird scene. The whole place was wrapped in mist. The site is on a headland on a high cliff and we were actually in low sea cloud. Around us it was mostly clear, here it was misty and it stayed that way until the morning we left.

The added element of rain and mist only served to help trial our first camping experience.

The boys loved it, the minute we had the tent pitched they were bouncing on the airbeds and Elliott ran around the tent for at least ten minutes screaming with joy.

It was also nice to have Linda and Steph parked up next to us in the Mobile Home, it felt safe and we were able to use the big vehicle in case of emergencies – which there was none.

We spent the day in Scarborough on the Sunday and walked around in the glorious sunshine before returning to the misty headland.

The end result is, we are camping people now.




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