The Last Few Weeks

27th October 2013

I realised that we haven’t wrote what we have been doing recently to this diary so today since I have a short deal of time I thought I would recount what we have been up to these last few weeks.

I should note that you can see many short videos of what we have been doing on my You Tube channel (

Soft Play

We have been to the Giggles soft play in Lancaster, and the Rascals soft play in Preston, a number of times. We love the soft play in Preston as it has two trampolines and a go kart track. There are two videos on You Tube (Jump Around and Driving) that show clips of this.

La La Lego Discovery

We renewed our Merlin Annual Passes in September so that we have another year. For the first time Ben needed his own pass to get into places. The renewal charge was fairly decent for a family it worked out at £100 per person. This sounds like a lot, however when you consider that Legoland Discovery is 15 pounds, and the SeaLife next door is the same and we always go in there if we go to Discovery that is £30 charge for each person.

If we booked online we would get a 25% discount, this is still £22.50 charge. Since we have been twice so far that is £45 pounds used.

We are also going to Alton Towers on two days in November for the Bonfire festival which is another £80 pounds per person we would have used so even before we end the first quarter we have used the whole cost of the passes.

There is a case for the fact that if we didn’t have the passes we would go elsewhere as the attractions are very expensive, which is also the argument for getting the passes. The kids love the locations and will happily go round the aquariums and theme parks repeatedly. This is a no brainer for us.

Rydal Hall

Due to the poor weather we haven’t been able to go into the Lake District as much as we would like to. However we did go to Rydal Hall which is very close to Ambleside and a wonderful location to visit. There is an amazing Waterfall next to the house. The amazing part is not the size but how close it sits to the house and the reflection house that sits at its base with a wonderful window view to the falls.

Once again there is a short video on YouTube of the day we spent there. It is only a few minutes in length.