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  • Lego table

    Lego table

    The boys have so much Lego now that we have decided to build their own lego table and corner for storage and construction. They were excited and seem to like it.

  • La La Legoland

    Wednesday and Thursday, 3rd-4th July 2013 This week we went to LegoLand, Windsor, as part of Ben’s Birthday Celebrations. I risk the ire of my friends who live in the south as I write this who would have loved to see us but the schedule was way to fierce for me to contemplate any other…

  • L-L-Let’s Go, L-L-LEGO

    And the new SeaLife Centre Saturday, 22 June 2013 This weekend we, Mark and Leigh, decided that they would ween Ben from his dummy to see if it was possible. To do this we simply started talking to him about the fact that he was going to be 3 years old ina week and that…

  • L-L-LEGOLand Again

    Wednesday, 20th March 2013 On Wednesday Mark took a day off work in the middle of the week so that he could spend a day with the kids as his weekend would be taken with helping Ian and Claire to move house. So we went to the LEGOLAND Discovery Centre in Manchester, once again, so…

  • Techno stop morion

    We have been playing with stop motion, mostly Dad and Ben but early tests seem to indicate that silliness will ensue in years to come. Following is mash up number one all done with an iPhone. Your browser does not support the video tag

  • Christmas Lego Display

    Once again this year we built a Lego Xmas village on our display shelf. there was the addition of an extra Christmas set in the shape of the newly released Lego post Office but we also decided to add elements that felt Christmassy to us. So…. There are some Harry Potter figures running around the…