Tag: Linda

  • Blackpool 3rd January

    The kids had a massive break over Christmas but Leigh and I had to continue working so we shared the duties of looking after the children between us with the always grateful help of Grandma Linda. On the Thursday I decided to take them both to Blackpool so we could go into the Aquarium and…

  • Christmas Day 2012

    I saw two kids unwrapping gifts, On Christmas Day, On Christmas Day, I saw two kids unwrapping gifts, On Christmas Day in the morning. So with customary randomness* I would like to go out of sequence on the recent travel reporting and share some of Christmas Day with the world. The real reason for doing…

  • Paris or Bust

    The first video of the family and friends trip to Paris last year posted to Mark’s YouTube channel: You can go to the You Tube Channel to visit new ones or videos of other things.